I am willing to work on most documents, for example:

I can copy-edit or proofread your document, depending on your requirements. Check out the jargon-buster for definitions of these and other terms. But essentially, after discussion on what is required for a job, I will check for all or any of the following:

I can work on hard copy or onscreen, or on a combination of both. Even if a job mainly comprises checking hard copy, I can automate some checks onscreen using Perfectit and Reference Checker.

If a job mainly comprises working onscreen, I can use Word 2007, Adobe Acrobat v9 and WinEdt (for LaTeX documents). My computer is virus-protected, and I back up data daily.

I will check and mark up proofs against an original or copy-edited manuscript, or I will carry out a blind proofread. I am trained in the use of the BSI 2005 standard marks for copy preparation and proof correction, but I can mark documents in plain English if you prefer.

You can read about how it all works on the rates page.