When I engaged Stephen Cashmore, Guide was a long way from being the finished product. It had a lot of concepts to take on board which presented a number of narrative issues. Its multiple storylines were complicated by a non-linear chronology. My patience with my creation was near its end. It soon became clear to me that Stephen was that extra pair of seasoned eyes through which I could better see the full work and (importantly) where my writing got in the way of the story. Dealing with spelling inconsistencies and other grammatical problems doesn't tell the full tale. He identified style issues, overlapping author voice / character voice, and prompted me to go that extra mile to complete the shaping of my story ideas. I found that through the copy-edit process, I became re-acquainted with my story characters in different way. I now wanted to bring out facets in their ongoing relationships and tell their story more fully. I haven't used the services of a copy-editor before and, although it was a learning curve, I found the process enjoyable. The experience has utterly convinced me of its value and I would definitely approach Stephen for a future copy-edit.
Author of Guide to First Contact

It was an absolute pleasure working with Stephen. Although he was on holiday when I first approached him, he went out of his way to give me the information I needed and began work the very day he returned home. His manner of working was efficient and very easy to follow, including a mixture of style sheets, queries and comments that was exactly like working with an in-house copy editor at a major publisher (who have previously published my books.) He was right on my wavelength, ready well within the agreed turnaround period, and I hope to do more work with him in the future.
Clio Gray
Author of the Stroop Mystery series (and others)

Writing a novel was the first step in my bid to being a published writer; choosing a good editor to work on it was my second. Thankfully I came across Stephen Cashmore and was very glad that I did. He was very professional, outlining how he would go about working on my novel, giving me an approximate time-line for how long the work would take and most importantly letting me know that even after the work was finished that I could come back to him with questions and for guidence. A novel is only as good as the process it has been through: Stephen has improved my novel and thanks to him I have learned some important things along the way.
Gemma Farrow
Author 'The Red Crow'

I will be a referee for you any time - you were amazing.
Marc Alexander Ford
Author 'The Dangers of Dying'

We have worked with Stephen for the first time just recently and are more than satisfied with the work he has performed for us so far. As a Scandinavian Management Consultancy working practically world wide, with a wide range of different languages represented both within our clientele and in our own organisation, English is the preferred language to use for obvious reasons. Hence it puts some demands on the way we express ourselves. While Stephen has helped us a great deal with the raising the bar of the average quality of our English texts, he has still secured that we use words and expressions understandable for our readers.

				Stephen has worked as a proof reader and the final control body on the texts that we aim to use for various marketing purposes. This job he has performed with a great sense for details and with a large portion of sensitiveness to our special demands and wishes. I can absolutely recommend him to presumptive customers in a similar position to us and I also see him as valuable asset for our own usage in the future.
Martin Janson
Management Trainee and Business Controller
Mantec Consulting

Stephen did an outstanding job in editing my dissertation for a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) & Strategic Management. His attention to detail and excellent work contributed to my first-rate end result. I would highly recommend Stephen as I consider him reliable and consistent and he exceeded my expectations.
Monica Azzopardi

I've been through your corrected MS with comments, and found it very heartening. You've done a great job and pointed out quite a few things that escaped me.
David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales

First of all I would like to thank you for the work you did proof reading my dissertation. I would like you to know that your work was greatly appreciated and extremely beneficial to the editing process. 
Gordon Sheach, dissertation student

Great attention to detail and vital input in terms of both proofing and editing, which was turned around in a very short space of time, to ensure publications are accessible, read well and meet plain English and grammatical standards. We will continue to use Stephen for future projects.
Denise Robertson
Communications, South Ayrshire Council

As a first-time author, I am grateful to Stephen for taking the book and addressing my concerns around structure and form. He took my idea which was good conceptually and and helped me transform it into a finished product that I could feel good about. Stephen's intelligence and intuitive understanding of the subject matter allowed me to deliver a polished final edition with full grammatical and continuity issues addressed. Stephen understands the challenges writers face and his meticulous eye for detail saved me countless hours of time and effort. Great job by a talented wordsmith. 
Barry Duddy
Author 'Perfect Best'

If anyone is looking for an editor providing a good service at an affordable price, then Stephen is the right choice.  His communication was excellent and he responded to my emails promptly. Additionally, he didn't hesitate to answer my questions after his work was done. I enjoyed working with him and recommend Stephen to anyone who is serious about writing
Farid Arab
Short story writer, Perth, Australia

 Stephen gave me great assistance with his editing of my first novel, Jemmiss. His editing skills ranged from grammatical and syntactical corrections through character analysis and point of view issues. His depth of insight into complex areas such as plot and character was excellent and, as I am a first-time author, this proved to be of immense value. I would unreservedly recommend his service to all writers aspiring to be authors. 
Don Bethell
Author 'Jemmiss'

 To find 289 faults on my document is fantastic (if not embarrassing for me). But it shows the invaluable service that proofreaders provide; especially this one. I shall not only be using Mr Cashmore again but will be recommending his services to friends and colleagues. 
Bob Eccles
Author 'Knock, knock, knock' and aspiring playwright