Theses and dissertations

Work carried out

I am conscious that a dissertation has to be seen as your work. With that in mind I will:

  1. flag up corrections actually made using 'tracked changes' so that you can decide whether or not to accept them
  2. use the comments facility to suggest changes that it would be inappropriate for a proofreader to make.

1. Corrections

I will make changes to all the problems noted below, and use 'track changes' so that you have the choice of whether or not to accept them.


To make sure that this remains your project, I will flag up the following points (explaining in each case why I'm doing so) without making changes to the manuscript.

The cost

The cost of editing/proofreading a dissertation is difficult to estimate, because there are so many variable factors - the main two being the length and complexity of the manuscript. The best way to find out the cost is to send me a draft of the dissertation, or a representative sample from it, and I'd send you back a quote within 24 hours.


On the assumption that my review discovers some required and/or potential changes, you'll need some time to action them. With that in mind, you'll probably want the manuscript back from me a week before its due date. In order for me to carry a complete review in time, therefore, I'd need it from you at the latest two weeks before the due date. Carrying out a review in a shorter timescale isn't impossible, but it means I may not be able to carry out all the checks I'd like to.

Supervisor acknowledgement

In order to eliminate misunderstandings, I will ask you to fill in a short form 'Agreement for proofreading'. This form can be adapted to take account of the particular circumstances and requirements of your dissertation. In most cases, I will phone or email your supervisor to make sure that he or she is aware that your dissertation is going to be professionally proofread.

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