Books and stories


I am willing to work on all genres of fiction and most non-fiction material.

For fiction I can assist with the formatting of the book (whether for submission to an agent or for self-publishing) and am I also able to provide a full review that covers:


I can format a story in a style suitable for submission and then proofread it for:

I am also prepared to offer suggestions on style and plot, although these will be my opinions only and I cannot guarantee that they would make a story more sellable!

It was an absolute pleasure working with Stephen. Although he was on holiday when I first approached him, he went out of his way to give me the information I needed and began work the very day he returned home. His manner of working was efficient and very easy to follow, including a mixture of style sheets, queries and comments that was exactly like working with an in-house copy editor at a major publisher (who have previously published my books.) He was right on my wavelength, ready well within the agreed turnaround period, and I hope to do more work with him in the future.
Clio Gray
Author of the Stroop Mystery series (and others)